Tony Rice

Tony Rice

Managing Partner
Phone: 916.690.0023

Tony Rice is the managing partner of Rice/Englander Knabe & Allen, a lobbying firm in Sacramento with a special emphasis on local government and public transportation needs.

Prior to opening the firm, Tony worked for more than six years for the highly regarded lobbying firm Shaw / Yoder, Inc. During his time with Shaw / Yoder, Tony achieved numerous positive outcomes for the firm´s clients. He sponsored numerous legislative proposals on behalf of his clients, defeated legislation contrary to his client´s desires, and achieved notable results through the budget process. Some of the examples of his numerous successes follow:

Maximizing investment in transportation: Tony successfully represented the California Transit Association in maximizing the investment California makes in its public transportation systems. The end result of these efforts was the successful passage of Proposition 42, which annually appropriates more than $1.4 billion for transportation investment.

Preserving local discretion: Tony spearheaded the Sacramento effort for the Independent Cities Association to defeat AB 2702 (Steinberg), a bill that would have removed local discretion in approving second-unit housing.

Held passage of the State Budget: Tony held the passage of the State Budget for seven hours on the Assembly Floor so that a client could get resolution on an issue that otherwise would have devastated their industry.

Prior to becoming a lobbyist, Tony was actively involved in government from the “inside”. From 1998-1999 Tony worked for the powerful Chair of the Assembly Appropriations Committee, Ms. Carole Migden, as a committee consultant where he analyzed legislation dealing with health care and transportation, and personal staff responsible for multiple pieces of legislation. Between 1997-1998, Tony worked in Congressman Robert T. Matsui´s District Office in Sacramento. And for all of 1996, Tony worked with then-Senator Bill Lockyer, the President Pro Tempore of the California State Senate, and his legislative policy unit in formulating and responding to all legislative matters that came before the State Senate.

Tony´s experience, drive and outstanding results on behalf of his clients positions him well to represent those that have an interest in affecting government in California.