Our client, a national coalition of agricultural growers and producers, found itself confronted by a competitor that had launched a national campaign that misrepresented their product. The competitor’s advertising had caused our client to lose a substantial share of their consumer market. As a result, our client was compelled to file suit in Los Angeles federal court seeking an injunction against their competitor for false advertising.

It was clear to us that our client needed to win the support of public opinion, as well as win in the courtroom, to accomplish its goal of not only stopping the false advertising but to restore public confidence in and support for their product. We went to work immediately to mobilize public opinion by reaching out to public interest groups, public health specialists, adversely affected consumers and public regulatory agencies. During the campaign, we successfully placed news stories in media outlets across the United States. Those stories raised questions about the honesty and integrity of the competitor’s advertising and triggered legitimate concerns about the safety of the competitor’s product.

A public hear that we organized in Sacramento by an influential legislative committee resulted in the competitor agreeing to settle the dispute out of court. The settlement included an agreement that the terms of the settlement would remain confidential. However, the direct result was that our client’s competitor changed its advertising practices. This included eliminating the false claims that were at the heart of our client’s lawsuit. It was clear that the increase in public awareness about the issues involved was instrumental in achieving a result that was highly satisfactory to our client.