When a Japanese multinational engineering, electrical equipment, and electronics company was sued by a large California utility for $7.6 billion for delivering equipment that ultimately led to the permanent closure of a plant, EKA was retained by the Japanese company to develop a comprehensive communications plan. Three years after the case was filed, our client scored a major victory when the plaintiffs were awarded only $125 million, less than the liability limit under the contract.

EKA worked very closely with the company’s lawyers and in-house public relations team and approached the challenge from three perspectives: public relations, government relations and legal. EKA identified the most probable scenarios likely to play out in order of probability, from highest to lowest, and then developed a detailed plan to deal with messaging for each scenario. When the award was announced, the story was picked up by over 250 newspapers and trades worldwide and our clients stocked soared when the news was announced by the arbitration panel of the International Chamber of Commerce.