For several years, Eric Rose lead the account team that worked for the Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA) team, promoting the airport through an aggressive public relations program that targeted the community, elected officials, and the media and industry analysts. After the tragedy of September 11th, Rose lead LAWA’s external proactive media outreach efforts.

Rose provided strategic counseling and crisis communications for the airport during the September 11 terrorist attacks, as well as helped the airport public relations support, including offline and online media monitoring, research and development of crisis-related media materials and messages for the Airport staff and the Mayor. Rose also coordinated and staffed a post-September 11 event for the airport.

The primary public relations strategy for the News Bureau was to generate positive news and feature media coverage to drive awareness and rekindle American’s legacy of leadership in the airline industry in post 9-11 era. This strategy involved a multi-faceted media relations program and several special projects, including the promotion of Los Angeles World Airports 75th anniversary. The efforts marking the celebration included a 75th anniversary press kit, and targeted outreach to key print, broadcast and online media. Rose has also worked with airport to increase its standing within the industry, promoting its commitment to delivering quality service and dedication to local market service.

Our efforts on behalf of LAWA included strategic planning, community and minority relations, development of collateral materials, advertising and media placement. Most notably, Rose designed and implemented an initiative to heighten awareness of the airport among Hispanic, African American and other minority businesses.