Eric Rose was retained to help the Los Angeles Police Protective League (LAPPL) – the organization that represents the more than 9,800 rank-and-file members of the Los Angeles Police Department – promote its members’ interests, contain certain crises and defeat measures that would undermine law enforcement. Specifically, the client sought to increase awareness of, and public support for, compressed work schedules, pension reform and the need to improve morale. For ten years, Rose has worked with the LAPPL to capture the attention of city officials, the public and the media on important issues to the rank and file officers.

Since Rose began working with the LAPPL, we have drafted and published nearly over 150 op-eds and letters to the editor in the Los Angeles Times, Daily News and on several Los Angeles radio stations. Rose has successfully placed over 900 stories on Southern California media outlets on issues that the LAPPL wanted at the forefront.

Rose has also been able to increase and maximize the LAPPL’s media outreach efforts by widening the distribution of information, increasing regular briefings and working proactively with the media. These briefings helped bring the LAPPL’s issues center stage during municipal elections. The number of PPL briefings with important city, county, state and federal government officials with a stake in law enforcement – has significantly increased as a result of these efforts…