CalMet Services is a waste hauling firm that has been in the southeast cities region for over 40 years. Formerly CalSan and Metropolitan Waste, the two firms merged in the 1990s to form one local family owned and operated company. The cities of Downey and Cerritos were coming up for a contract, and Calmet retained the bid.

City staff in both cities recommended that an RFP be put out to all haulers. In the City of Cerritos, city staff recommended that the trash contract be put out to bid. Englander & Associates worked with the City Council to avoid the RFP process and work with the City to find a win-win for everyone involved. The City of Downey went out to bid, and E&A worked with its staff to ensure that CalMet was successful in retaining the contract. Following the awarding of the new contract, issues arose between CalMet and the City of Downey. E&A intervened to get everyone to the table and communicate issues that both sides had.

By working with City staff and their outside consultant, E&A was successful in bringing a positive resolution to all of the issues and compromise for both sides, including a 3 year extension of the original agreement. By working with the City, E&A was instrumental in drafting a 10 year contract extension with Cerritos on behalf of CalMet that provided many new services and great prices for their residents.