Crisis Communications

Englander Knabe & Allen provides strategic counsel to clients on a range of issues, with particular focus on reputation and crisis management, litigation support and financial communications.

We have provided crisis counsel and prepared crisis communications plans for clients across a broad spectrum of business including food and beverage, transportation, healthcare (including hospital management and biotech), consumer products and heavy industries. We helped manage crises ranging from acts of terrorism, environmental disasters and product recalls to proxy battles, federal investigations, investigative media reports and board disputes.

Englander Knabe & Allen not only assists in managing crises; our work often starts long before that. We have helped clients develop well-constructed plans that map out all angles and aspects in play, before a crisis hits: from holding statements for potential situations and an audience matrix to response and management procedures down to the smallest practical detail. We review technical needs and design and implement internet dark sites if necessary. Our plans are always user-friendly. We encourage and help clients keep preparedness plans alive through regular updating as well as through training and simulation sessions.

EKA’s Reputation Management service covers the full spectrum of CEO and corporate reputation issues— creating and maintaining an enduring reputation to recovering reputation following a crisis. In an age of rising ethical standards and transparency expectations, our offering has become an increasingly vital part of an organization’s communications strategy.

Our CEO Reputation Management services are shaped by a deep understanding of the most important drivers of CEO and company reputation, and by the sophisticated strategies for improving both.

If an after-hours crisis occurs, please contact Eric Rose at (805) 624-0572.

Crisis Management expert Eric Rose is often called by the media to offer his expert opinion on the public relations impact of major new stories.

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