Restaurants and Hospitality

With a wealth of knowledge about and experience with local restaurant and hospitality industry issues, Englander Knabe & Allen focuses our efforts on building relationships with local government officials and giving the California Restaurant Association and Los Angeles Hotel Association a regional presence.

Services provided to our clients in the restaurant and hospitality industry include:

  • Securing ABC licenses, entertainment permits and alcohol permits. We work to make sure that the conditions placed on these licenses or permits do not negatively impact our clients’ business;
  • Arranging meetings with local elected officials and staff when clients run into problems with building and safety and planning permits, parking issues, entertainment permit revocations and other issues that affect the industry;
  • Provide lobbying services on behalf of clients to local Environmental Health Departments in the event of a violation to help the establishment re-open quickly;
  • Advocacy in meetings with the South Coast Air Quality Management District, the California Air Resources Board, local Sanitation Districts, Public Works and other local agencies to help clients continue to operate legally and therefore avoiding any closures or fines;
  • Eliminate red tape when a restaurant or hotel is trying to get permits approved;
  • Media relations and crisis management is available to our clients when needed.