Municipal Government

Englander Knabe & Allen is proud to serve many government entities by providing a myriad of offerings to help make government more effective and efficient in meeting the needs of its constituents. These services include:

Education and Outreach Campaigns: Our team of professionals can provide a seamless public education and outreach effort to engage stakeholders and constituents in understanding critical public policy issue and actions that require their support and approval. These efforts take advantage of the cutting edge technologies married with effective use of tried and true outreach and education methods. Whether it is gaining public support for a bond measure or simply looking to inform the public of important activities of government Englander Knabe & Allen has the expertise to do it in a cost effective and efficient manner.

Advocacy: Government entities often have to lobby one another for change to legislation, administrative action, financial support, and many other activities. Englander Knabe & Allen has become very effective in providing government advocacy for governments to government. We represent a wide variety of agencies in Sacramento to protect local jurisdictions in the State’s legislative and budget process. We also have represented City governments to County, special district, and federal entities. Efforts such as these can not only include reasoned and diplomatic approaches, but Englander Knabe & Allen has also successfully used our capability to organize community and media pressure to meet the needs of our clients.

Training: Englander Knabe & Allen also has the ability to do media, public speaking, and many other training exercises in the public affairs field. This enables elected officials, executive staff, and city staff to have the tools to handle many public affairs challenges in-house and better manage outside support.