LOS ANGELES, December 8, 2014 — Partner Eric W. Rose is being featured by the award-winning news service The Crime ReportThe op-ed by Eric is based upon his 27 years of experience working with Fortune 500 companies; public and private organizations and helping them deal with crisis situations.  The piece provides insight on how to handle crisis situations and discusses how well law enforcement organizations in Los Angeles, Ferguson, Mo and New York City have handled recent high-profile and controversial use of force incidents.

When Cops Get ‘Lit Up’: Reacting to a Law Enforcement Crisis
By Eric W. Rose

Every police chief, sheriff and law enforcement union leader knows that a day will come when their organization will be “lit up”-hit by a crisis that could be a disaster for the organization.

The reputation of every police or sheriff’s department depends on the confidence of its key stakeholders: the public, employees, the union, the media and sometimes outside government regulators. Sooner or later, virtually every law enforcement organization faces a crisis that has the potential to destroy its public reputation.

While that day is almost inevitable, it always comes as a huge shock.  Click here to read the rest of the column

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